Four Seasons Hotel – Prague

Four Seasons Hotel

This is probably the best place to be in Prague, Czech Republic. The hotel is perfectly situated on river Vltava with an awesome view of Prague Castle.

The service

I have to mention the most important and impressive detail first: The SERVICE! Four Seasons Hotel Prague is ranked eighth among Europe-wide acknowledged competitions – for very good reason. This hotel is all about service. I already posted an article about this hotel, check it out. There you can also see some more pictures about the gym area.

This hotel works with an employee-guest-quote of 2.8, which is quite remarkable. Other high-class hotels have one employee taking care of two guests, which makes a quote of 0.5. Imagine this: In the Four Seasons they have three staff members pampering one guest, which is also reflected in the abnormal high standard of service. What’s happening here is completely out of this world. You will feel like a king.

The cleaning service is intense. It can take up to 2 hours. This is especially caused by the dainty inspection. First the room is made up by the room-maids. Afterwards, the cleaning-inspector will check up again. At last, the work of the cleaning-inspector is controlled by another member of the hotel staff. They are completely mad about cleanliness. The rooms are inspected up to 3 times a day being slightly tidied up time after time as well. And the best: You won´t be distracted by the cleaners at all. I didn´t even see them once.

The room

It’s a dream. I have got the Renaissance King Suite, which is better appointed than the standard room. The standard rooms start at a price around €300, I think. but if you are not on a tight budget (which you are definitely not, If you check out this hotel for a Prague vacation), then please do yourself a favor and check in at the Renaissance King room. Yes, it IS a difference.

The ultra-soft double-king size bed is perfectly made for one or another wildly-jumping-on-the-bed-partyand every hidden pie should be detected immediately. The furnishing is very stylish and on a high level. Every detail is aligned perfectly. A huge candelabrum, wooden panelling and ceiling adornment create a nearly royal ambience. The bathroom crows with bathing tube AND separate shower, the equipment is classy and top-quality. Even shower gel, soap and shampoo are of French noble brand.

The cuisine

The restaurant „Allegro“ serves á la card, even at breakfast. TOP! From the terrace you will have river view and during summer you will enjoy the first sunshine in the morning, having a first class breakfast, which is even better than dinner at most of the other hotels. They have engaged an Italian chef, who is the only chef among the whole middle- and east European area holding a “Michelin-Star”. Therefore I am not wondering, that the hotel restaurant has been elected as “Best restaurant in Prague”,not only once, no: eight times in a row. Even being very very critical I have to admit: I have never ever eaten such good food in a hotel in my entire life.

Please imagine the taste:

Michelin star chef at Allegro Restaurant Prague

Four Seasons Hotel Prague with best restaurant of Prague

Four Seasons Hotel Prague Restaurant


Star chef cuisine at Four Seasons Hotel Prague

Gym and sauna

In the basement a small fitness gym can be found, as well as a sauna and the manicure, pedicure and massage room. Check out my blog post for more pictures. You can order the massage, manicure or pedicure to the room of course. If the hotel would have a swimming pool they would have hit the 100 for their facilities as well.

Location wise: the hotel is only a 15 minutes walk away from the picturesque old town with restaurants and bars and some of the beautiful sights of Prague.

Who ever wants to lodge in Prague like in the lap of luxury, should indulge in the Four Seasons Prague. It´s worth every penny.

Four Seasons Hotel Prague room

Four Seasons Hotel Prague room

Four Seasons Hotel Prague room

Four Seasons Hotel Prague bathroom

Four Seasons Hotel Prague bathroom



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