Gora Beach Inn – Bali (Kuta)

Gora Beach Inn

This is one of the favourite backpacker/party people places in Kuta around Poppies Lane area. You will meet some crazy crowds and make a lot of friends at the pool area, which is one of the most mentionable parts of this place.

Beforehand, if you want to party (which is why 80% of the people are here for, if they stay in Kuta), go for it. If you are traveling as a couple and looking forward to visit a beautiful island and enjoy quiet nights, mmhh no! Or buy lots of ear plugs. You may want to check out the middle price range accommodations in Kuta to fully enjoy your stay with your boyfriend/girlfriend.

The room is not the nicest room you can imagine. It serves the purpose, if you are traveling on a tight budget, but it really is on a lower level, even for a backpackers accommodation. It is a bit run down and therefore hard to make it look „clean“ even if it is clean.

The staff is very friendly, the reception has a 24h service. A simple breakfast is included in the price, which contains toast with jam and a tea or a coffee, that’s it. But you can buy some extra stuff. Anyway, most of the people, staying there, aren´t able to eat anything more than that, in the early morning, as they just came home after partying the whole night, yes, you can see it in their faces, they are not desiring food at 9 in the morning.

Important for your room choice:
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They have rooms that are totally sealed and rooms which have gaps above the windows, with just a mosquito net. There is a supermarket right at the entrance of this complex, they play music until 2 at night. You will NOT get any sleep before 2, if you stay in this kind of rooms. So better change immediately, if you can.

Enjoy 2 hours of sleep, before the first party folks come back from the clubs and start gathering in front of their bungalows and discuss about the meaning of life or singing songs or couples having fights, because of this girl in the club earlier, etc. etc.

You might get some more sleep between 6 and 8. By then the first people get up to enjoy the pool and have some fun and “after party” there, so don´t ever stay at the pool area.

This all should not discourage you to stay here. I stayed here not less than 6 weeks. It is a great place to meet people, it is close to the main party area with lots of clubs and bars and a one minute walk to Skygarden, the best club of Bali.

And the price is very competitive, compared to other hotels right at the Poppies “Party” Lane II. They charge from 250.000 to 400.000 in average. So, even if you think €12 is already a high price for Indonesia, thats true, but you will end up paying more, if you are looking for a nicer place in Kuta.

All in all, if your are ok with some noise because you are here for party reasons as well and you don´t mind a room on a lower quality level, not 100% clean, not very cozy, but cheap, you can definitely go for it. In this price range it is really the best choice at Poppies Lane II.

Gora Beach Inn room

Gora Beach Inn Bali

Gora Beach Inn Bali terrace

Gora Beach Inn toilet

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