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The painful, daunting search for suitable accommodation ends here

What I would have given for reliable reviews, especially while backpacking during my global journey. Let’s not forget about the luxurious hotel room photos that shine so bright in the catalogue and look so picturesque thanks to photoshop, but when you actually arrive your expectations, along with that 500 dollars you spent per night are gone.

There are many different sites which rate hotels, but what is amusing to me is that every person has different expectations and so when you look at reviews one person rates the accommodation as brilliant, while the next rates this particular place as poor. So how do you know whether or not it is a good place to stay?

Here is what I plan to do. Build up a database of worldwide accommodation, in which I have personally stayed, while leaving you with real pictures and a reliable and honest review. What I look for is simple, comfort, service, cleanliness, location and of course price. You can trust that my criteria for judgement never changes, and I, like you want the best experience in where I choose to stay.

Now you may be wondering how I rate according to different budgets, whether you are looking for a low budget room for backpackers, or a tourist looking for something in between relaxed and luxurious or lastly if you prefer spoiling yourself and painting the town red, you can trust that I will compare apples with apples, while making sure you still get to enjoy 5 stars within what your budget may be. Of course the higher the price, the stricter I rate because my goal is to help my fellow travellers.

Give me a bit of time to complete this section with all the rooms I’ve stayed in, in all the different places in the world, especially the 50-60 backpackers accommodation from my world trip. This may take a few months but I promise it will describe my stay and help you decide where you would like to get some beauty sleep in between conquering the world. Feel free to browse through, and if you do decide to stay in one of my recommendations please don’t hesitate to send me a follow up on how you liked the place or if any changes have been made. 

As you may know, I am German, so please bear with any grammatical errors in my reviews. If it´s too bad, you can still just watch the pictures.  😉

Medium price range (€25-100)For those who like it more comfortable