BAN´s Diving Resort – Koh Tao

BAN´s Diving Resort

Most of the people, visiting Koh Tao, are here for a diving course, so was I. One of the bigger diving schools here is BAN´s. If you book your course with them, they include the stay in their resort for free. So you might end up at their resort for 4 or 6 days, depending on which course you do, basic or advanced diving license.

I have to rate the accommodation as I would be a paying guest. And if you want to stay a few days longer, you would have to pay the normal rate. Considering the very simple room and shitty bathroom for this price, it is highly overpriced. The room was moist and I didn´t feel comfortable there at all. You can upgrade to a better room for a ridiculous higher price.

BAN´s Diving Resort is a big hotel complex so they will have some good rooms as well, I guess. This is the room, they give away for free for the diving students.

I have to mention, that there is a wardrobe and tv, which is quite unusual for a room in this price range. As a backpacker you live out of your backpack and won´t use the wardrobe, but for those, bringing lots of stuff in their pink trolleys, yeah there is a wardrobe for you.

The service is ok, as there is a big reception to handle the diving students. So they have lot of staff running around and you will always find someone to talk to.

The beach nearby is awesome. Just a minute walk away you will find nice beach restaurants and bars to relax after your diving lessons.

BAN´s diving Resort room

BAN´s Diving Resort Koh Tao

BAN´s Diving Resort bathroom


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  1. Katrin

    Ach wie schön das Bans sieht immer noch gleich aus. Hier habe ich vor Jahren meinen Tauchschein gemacht. War meine beste Zeit in Thailand und wir sind länger geblieben als angedacht war.
    Viele Grüße Katrin von

    • Jonny

      Ja, Koh Tao war ganz nett und das Tauchgebiet ist erste Sahne! 😉