Beer´s House Bungalows – Koh Samui

Beer´s House Bungalows

This bungalow complex is located at famous Lamai Beach Koh Samui, close enough to the bar area but still quite and peaceful enough to have a nice beach vacation without any distraction from music or party. The bungalows are right on the beach, it is a 5 seconds walk to put your feet into the water and you will have a small terrace, facing the ocean.

I enjoyed having a cold beer sitting on my terrace in front of my bungalow, sometimes a kid came for a visit, having a chat, taking some photos and on other days I didn´t see anyone the whole afternoon. The beach is nice and clean, the water quality is good and right beside there is the New Hut Bungalow complex with their amazing looking straw huts, where you definitely want to take some “Robinson Crusoe” like pictures or even want to stay one night.

The bungalow has a good size for one or even two person and the bed is fine for a beach bungalow in that price range. Inside it has this authentic beach bungalow style, even if the house is built from solid stone and well sealed, including mosquito nets at the windows, so your are quite safe from “mossis”, I like that. The floor is made of ceramic tiles and the room was clean, the bathroom is very simple though. There was nothing to complain about the staff or the service, once you get your key, you are pretty much on your own with your bungalow, don´t expect any cleaning service or such things, then you will be totally happy. I had a nice 3-days stay here and enjoyed it very much. Quite, clean, friendly, on the beach and super cheap, what else do you need to be convinced that this is a good place to stay?

They have some cheaper bungalows beside, that are build from wood. Make sure, you choose the stone built bungalows, they are much nicer.

Reading some reviews on trip advisor, it is a good advise not to leave valuable things in the room or keep it safe. But I think that should go without saying for those cheaper huts and accommodation. I didn´t have any problems.  Beer´s House Bungalow Koh Samui Beer´s House Bungalows room Beer´s House bungalows room Beer´s House Bungalows ocean view   Beer´s House Bungalows toilet Beer´s House Bungalows bathroom cold beer on beach bungalow terrace

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