Haad Rin Guesthouse – Koh Phangan @ FULL MOON PARTY

Haad Rin Guesthouse

If you visit Koh Phangan, you are probably here to experience legendary Full Moon Party, having lot´s of drinks and making hundreds of new friends (just guessing). But Koh Phangan has a striking beach for amazingly quite beach holidays between all the parties it is famous for. I stayed 2 weeks to combine both and surely had an unforgettable time. I didn´t want to stay right at the beach though, because during full moon 10,000 – 30,000 party people entering this small beach area of 300m and turning it to a huge never ending party for around 3 days.

Haad Rin Guesthouse is located a 2 minutes walk from the beach, slightly uphill in a side street but still close enough to the party area. The price is 50-70% lower, comparing to the beach bungalows which are around 400-500 Baht, just because you have to walk 2 minutes and it is for sure, that during full moon 80% of the party people won´t be able to walk that far after enjoying some of the local spirits.

The best thing is, that Haad Rin Guesthouse does not increase the price during Full Moon party, while the beach bungalow resorts do. They double the prices for 3 days, up to 1000 Baht. Another good reason to stay away from them, if you are on a tight budget.

I especially want to mention, that the owner is very friendly. Every question I had, was answered in a friendly and polite way. It was a pleasure talking to him and staying at his place. If you are on a backpackers trip and you often stay in cheap accommodation you will appreciate that very much.

It is not a bungalow, but more like a chalet kind of accommodation. Of course you won´t get this beach bungalow/straw hut feeling in here, it is build from stone, the finish of walls, floor an everything is very….how to say…”plain”. The bathroom is very simple as well. Anyway, it was clean and cheap, it totally served the purpose and is a perfect place for backpackers.

I had an ant trail going through my room, but they weren´t interested in leaving their trail at all, super busy with carrying all kinds of stuff from one side to another, so I was fine with them. We agreed, not to distract each other.

There is a pseudo mini mini terrace in front of the house (this base with the stone bank on the picture), which you can´t really use. People meet in front of there houses to prepare for the Full Moon party and having drinks together though.

The mattress is thick and comfortable, the sheets where clean and the towel was big.

Although the price is already competitive, I got a discount of 10% after the first week, for my second. I was happy!

Yes I stayed 2 weeks. Why? If you liked the Full Moon party, you will most probably want to visit the Half Moon party, the Black Moon party, the New Moon party, they literally have a party for any planet constellation and even small beach parties between the parties. What a great concept.

I stayed for the nice beach only, of course (really!).

Haad Rin Guesthouse Koh Phangan

Haad Rin Guesthouse room Koh Phangan

Haad Rin Guesthouse toilet


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