New Hut Bungalow – Koh Samui

New Hut Bungalow

The huts of „New Hut Bungalow“ look quite stunning from my first impression. I don´t want to call them bungalows though, as the level is far below. It is definitely a backpackers accommodation, but even for a backpacker you really have to be totally easy-going to like this place, at least I didn´t.

The look of the huts is just amazing. I spend my first hour taking a lot of photos from all kinds of angles, it is surely a picturesque place and will make you feel like you are on a Robinson Crueso island, just on your own (ok, with all the other guys in their bungalows). Checking into your bungalow the first thought is „simple“, the second „very simple“. So if you are planing to simplify your life and traveling in a more adventurous way, THIS IS THE PLACE TO BE.

Sure, it will give you an authentic beach bungalow stay, you are veeery close to the nature, all kinds of nature, as the hut is not 100% sealed. Insects, like mosquitos can enter your hut easily as there is no mosquito net covering the (very small) window. A bed isn´t provided as well, the mattress lays on the floor, you have to put all your stuff on the floor as well, as there is no shelf, wardrobe, etc. The room is very tiny, so you and your backpack will fill 80% of the room, it is hard to move around.

The lamp is  not very bright, so everything should be prepared for sleeping, once you get into your cozy hut. Anyway, you don´t want to switch on lights, remember the mosquitos! This hut is good for a night and if you are looking for an experience, this should encourage you, go for it!

From a guests perspective I have to say, there is NO comfort at all and I mean NO COMFORT! And even as a backpacker, tired from traveling, I sometimes desire a good sleep and some time in my room, reading, before going to bed.

The toilet looked clean for facilities on this level and having an outdoors washing area was cool.

The price is definitely a big plus here. Admittedly the location is good, directly on the beach and a short motorbike ride away from the bar area.

But the worst thing ever is – the service. The staff is super unfriendly, hardly speaks English (I don´t judge though, my Thai is not even better) and is totally unhelpful. After a night of „adventure“ I moved to a bungalow complex beside, which cost me additional 2,- € with a lot more comfort and much friendlier staff.


New Hut Bungalow Koh Samui inside

New Hut Bungalow inside

Facilities New Hut Bungalow Koh Samui

Toilette New Hut Bungalow


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