Lotus Resort – Koh Tao

Lotus Resort

How to say this in a polite way? It i not the most recommendable bungalow I have every stayed in. It is called Lotus, because Lotus is one of the favourite bars here on Koh Tao. If a resort carries the same name like a bar, not good. The bar is right beside the bungalows, the music is extremely, and I mean EXTREMELY loud. The party stops around 6 in the morning. I couldn´t sleep at all. Once I fell asleep around 6.30, the construction work at the resort started at around 7. So there is a gap of one hour, use it well.

Check the pictures for the room itself, it is a simple bungalow with a big terrace. But considering the loudness, there is no way, you want to stay here. The construction may end sometime but the party is always there.

The staff was very unfriendly as well, what doesn’t make it any better.

Lotus Resort bungalow terrace

Lotus Resort Koh Tao Lotus Resort bathroom

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